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Used Volkswagen VW for Sale in London


About Used VW Volkswagen

More about Used VW Volkswagen and our most Popular VW Models

VW Overview

Founded in January 1937, Volkswagen or VW as it is popularly known is the flagship marque of the Volkswagen Group, one of the largest automaker globally. The term Volkswagen literally means “People’s Automobile”, however more recently the company has elected to simply use “Das Auto” which means “The car”.

Volkswagen over the years has been responsible for some of the most iconic cars in motoring history. The famous Volkswagen Beetle made its first outing in 1968’s The Love Bug and the VW Camper is a symbol of one of the finest cultural moments in life. More recently, VW is responsible for raising the standard in automotive engineering.

The Volkswagen offers a wide range of practical and reliable cars, from the street smart and city ready Volkswagen Golf Tdi to the industrious and economical Volkswagen Tiguan R Line.

About Used VW Volkswagen for Sale

Volkswagen has in its range three of the most top selling cars of all time (the VW Golf, the VW Beetle and VW Passat), their popularity is an indicator of the brand’s engineering and design superiority. The Volkswagen Group are also responsible for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the fastest car in the world.

There are many reasons why Volkswagen is a highly respected and sought after manufacturer, the most obvious is because drivers want to tap into the “German engineering” brand, for VW this is the distinguishing factor between its cars and competitor’s. With Volkswagen not only do you get quality – you also get quality that lasts.

Our Cargiant used VW range are approved by our expert technical team, we ensure we put every model through its paces so that when you’re ready to take one out on a test drive you can experience the everything das auto has to offer.

Why buy VW

Buying a used VW is arguably the most frugal thing you could ever do, when it comes to used cars choosing Volkswagen guarantees you a great value for money and because of that famous German engineering we mentioned, a Volkswagen car will soak up the mileage count with consummate ease.

Volkswagen know finding the right car isn’t the easiest thing to do, this is probably why it has one of the most eclectic range of cars provided by any manufacturer. If you’re looking for the ideal city car, there’s the VW Up, Polo or Golf. The VW Scirocco is an option for those who look to culminate some adventure with their everyday drive. There’s also the versatility provided by the family conscious VW Touran or executive VW Passat gives safety and comfort without compromising on style and design.

Volkswagen offer a range of trims, from the entry level Polo S, Golf S, Passat S to their BlueMotion and BlueMotion Tech, SE, Executive and GTI options. And with the option of TSi (Petrol) and TDi (Diesel) all delivering a quality driving experience.

The VW Range

VW UP The smallest of the Volkswagen range, the Up (often accompanied by an exclamation mark) is the mini city car packed with all the coolest infotainment systems.  

VW Polo Small but very tough, the Polo is combines style and practicality. There are plenty of safety features too.

VW Golf The Iconic VW Golf has gone through many reincarnations, for most millennial it’s a car they grew up with and just like most millennial it comes equipped with some of the best gadgets around. The VW Golf GTi and Golf Mk7 is arguably the best Golf to date. 

VW Beetle The term icon gets banded around quite easily, however like the Golf the VW Beetle is also deserving of the title. The Volkswagen Beetle incorporates the style of the original 1938 model with 21st century technology.

VW Passat The Passat is beautiful family car, that makes your journey as safe as it is comfortable.

VW CC This is the alternative to the Passat, with stylish sweeping roofline.

VW Jetta The Jetta is a compact that provides drivers with a cheaper VW option and is also economical to drive.  

VW Scirocco This flashy coupe stirs up all the great qualities of original and combines it with innovative technology and design. 

VW Touran The Touran is the versatile family 7 seater car that delivers on style. Look out for the illuminated panoramic tilt/slide sunroof option.

VW Toureg As far as SUVs are concerned, the Volkswagen Toureg is as smart as you get. It is perfect for those off-road escapades whilst still providing comfort and care.

VW Tiguan The compact crossover vehicle (CUV) is relatively new to the VW family, debuting as a concept car in 2006 the Volkswagen Tiguan heralds in the new driving experience with 4MOTION four-wheel drive system.

VW Sharan With an endless supply of space and flexible seating, the Volkswagen will sit 7 adults comfortably.


Best VW Models to buy

With a great choice of Volkswagen options, finding the right one for you and your family can be a difficult feat. Our used VW checklist will help you find the right car to fit around your needs and lifestyle.

  • Cost – How much can you spend?
  • Transmission – Do you want to drive an automatic or a manual?
  • Fuel – What kind of fuel do you want in your car?
  • Colour – Car colour gives you the chance to express yourself. What would you like to say?
  • Body Style – Are you looking for a small compact car or something larger, potentially off road?
  • Driving Style – The kind of driver you are. High performance or High Efficiency?
  • Passenger –How many people do you need to get in your car?
  • Boot size – Are we talking weekend bag or the entire wardrobe?

Once you know the answers to some or all of these questions, begin by browsing the range of Used Volkswagen Vehicles we currently have in stock using the search options to filter and narrow down your search.

Purchase with Cargiant

The majority of Cargiant customers after their purchase often say “Thank you for my new car”.

We know that because Cargiant delivers high quality used cars, you certainly get that ‘new car’ feeling from every purchase. This is no different with our used VW cars, with over 500 to choose from our stock you can explore all your options in one place and arrange multiple test drives before deciding which VW deal is best for you.

Our dedicated support team and sale experts are available 7 days a week to assist you with finding the right car and we’re open 363 days a year. The Cargiant team are also available to help answer any questions and queries you may have.

If you’re looking for a reason to fall in love for less and drive one of the best engineered cars available, book yourself in for a test drive today.